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The Aha! Platform empowers Partners to deliver
unique, high-value and differentiated solutions
that provide critical competitive advantage for
themselves and, in turn, to their clients.


Aha! partners with the forward- thinking Enterprises and with innovative and disruptive technology, Solutions and Consulting companies in a variety of markets to bring the power of analytics to their consumers. Our partners understand the power of elevating analytics from Big Data across lines of business to optimize operations and more importantly, to provide differentiated goods and services to their customers.


  • be equipped to deliver superior analytic solutions and services
  • create or increase demand from your existing customers to purchase new or additional solutions and services
  • receive from Aha! all necessary information, education, tools and resources required for marketing, selling and supporting your solutions and services
  • augment your complimentary products and value added services through private label branding
  • actively participate in business development events and activities such as webinars and marketing campaigns

To address the specific needs of its partners, Aha! offers different paths to join its Partner Network and flexible opportunities for expanding the partner footprint in developing incremental new business.


Aha! works with its Solutions Partners to drive targeted programs that support joint revenue initiatives and offer a variety of products and services that leverage the Aha! Platform for solutions with customers. Those solutions may include infrastructure, integration services, additional product functionality, specific subject matter expertise and product support. Solutions Partners have the benefit of analytics-based results configured for specific market segments to provide customers with exclusively branded, comprehensive real-time automated KPIs and unprecedented operational intelligence and decision-making ability.


Aha! works with its Technology Partners to focus on analytics that differentiate product, platform and data ecosystems. Together we make Big Data smart to deliver the highest analytic performance that helps customers achieve the most value from technology, creating and embedding functional analytics directly into the day-to-day operational business processes and taking data all the way to the decisions that truly matter to customers. Technology Partners benefit from an increased customer base as well as cross-sell opportunities in existing accounts in ways their competition cannot.


By embedding and leveraging the Aha! Platform into their service delivery methodology, Consulting Partners are able to drive analytics into the operational business of customer engagements. Consulting Partners provide management consulting services such as organizational excellence and change management, business performance management, business process reengineering, pilot implementations and systems integration to deliver powerful and repeatable analytics to

business and operational decision makers and the systems they run their businesses on. Consulting Partners elevate their value dramatically and extend their services into a durable solution in a highly competitive business environment.


Enterprise Partners are large organizations engaged in the trade of goods, services, or both, to consumers, in a climate of increasingly social ways-of-business and the Big Data explosion. These enterprises are transforming their business execution to pull ahead of competitors by elevating analytically derived decisions across their lines of business to optimize operations and, more importantly, to provide differentiated goods and services to their customers. Aha! works with Enterprise Partners to understand and model the business KPIs for real-time optimization, competitive advantage for them and, in turn, to their end customers. An Enterprise Partner may also be a Technology, Consulting or Solutions partner who provides private label services to their end customers leveraging assets from the Aha! Platform.


Referral Partners bring qualified opportunities to Aha! and support us from a relationship perspective to close a relationship with another partner. A referral partner might be an individual colleague in our network or independent consultants and industry experts. Referral Partners receive referral fees based on the scope of opportunities they bring, which often serves as a starting point for a long-term relationship with Aha!


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