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About Us

Our analytics platform makes Big Data smart
and small, to ensure excellence in decision-making
and business outcomes, and to help companies to innovate, grow and compete.


We put the power of predictive and advanced analytics into the hands of business decision-makers and their staffs, delivering deep analytics services, solutions and applications. Using our accessible, flexible analytics platform, all users across an enterprise – from business analyst, to data scientist, to front-line manager – share a single collaborative system to drive smart decisions.

Regardless of its volume, velocity or variety, we make Big Data smart and small, enabling organizations to extract its tangible value, and to leverage powerful collaborative and social business behavior. These powerful capabilities drive measurable results that improve competitive advantage, drive revenue growth, increase profitability and reduce costs.


Current tool-based analytics offerings are often disjointed, static, detached from business process, and do not address the practical or comprehensive needs of most decision-makers who seek to leverage analytics. There is no tangible connection between data and decision-making, and minimal two-way collaboration between IT, the data analyst and front-line business manager.

Conversely, Aha!’s unique platform delivers real-time, actionable analytics on a self-service foundation, enabling business users to trend, forecast, extrapolate, produce and apply models that deliver informed decisions, not static reports. This combination of strategic and operational perspectives effectively closes the loop between Big Data analytics and tangible, actionable improvements to the business.


Aha!’s performance-focused analytics platform is designed to address a broad range of business needs, across any industry.

The flexibility of the Aha! Platform has enabled us to build entirely new classes of analytics products and services, encompassing:



We are seasoned analytics professionals who
have dedicated our careers to helping companies benefit from meaningful data.


The company’s intellectual horsepower is based on a dedicated team of professionals who, on an individual and collective basis, have many decades of world class experience and insight into strategic business technology. They are recognized and respected on a global basis for their thinking, for their contributions to the analytics discipline, proven products and solutions and for their personal integrity.

Greg Conley

Greg has extensive leadership experience as CEO of a number of leading global software and IT services companies. He was most recently CEO of The Odyssey Group in Lausanne, Switzerland. Odyssey, acquired by Temenos, provided financial software and IT services.

Greg has also been CEO of NTT/Verio, a domain-based web hosting provider; of Tanning Technology Corporation, a global systems integrator and IT solutions provider; and of Galileo International, a travel distribution services company. Previously, Greg served in IBM’s senior leadership group, and as global general manager of IBM’s B2B e-business and of IBM’s travel and transportation industries business.

Greg holds a J.D. from Georgetown University and a B.S. in electrical engineering from Purdue University.

Mark Teflian
Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer

Mark leads strategy, product, technology, and business alliances for Aha! Leveraging Mark’s global experience and knowledge, Aha! is positioned as a key market and technology innovator within the predictive business analytics community. Mark served as the CEO of Aha! for more than five years after co-founding the company.

Before joining Aha! Mark was EVP of Global Solutions and Technology for NTT/Verio, a global web hosting and communications provider and SVP and President of Tanning Technology Corporation, a global systems integrator and IT solutions provider. Previously, Mark was Perot System’s global electronic commerce practice leader and was also founder and President of TimeØ, a subsidiary of Perot Systems, a provider of internet-intensive distribution and channel transformation services for Global 1000 companies. Additionally, Mark has held key positions in the travel and transportation industry, including founder and President of Covia Technologies, SVP and CTO of Galileo International (now Travelport) and VP of Strategic Architecture and Systems Engineering at United Airlines.

Mark has received numerous industry awards and has been published in the Harvard Business Review and Middleware Spectra and authored “The Digital Marketplace Lexicon,” cited by USA Today as a top business book.

Mark attended Metropolitan State College.

Bruce Bacon
VP Product Development

Bruce Bacon leads product development at Aha!, encompassing the design and construction of the Aha! Platform.

Bruce brings more than 25 years of leadership experience in high-technology companies in product definition, corporate strategy, business development, and marketing. Previously, he held positions at Health Insurance Select, PointOne Personal Genetic Systems, the Global Healthcare Exchange, NETdelivery, Covia Technologies/Galileo International, BMC Software, and IBM. Bruce has broad and relevant business experience, such as creating the Canadian postal service’s nationwide electronic post office system; developing the leading Internet-based supply-chain integration offering in the healthcare environment; creating an electronic bill presentment and payment system; and developing an individual healthcare tooling company – a bioinformatics product strategy designed to bring genetic and clinical information together for use in the mainstream healthcare markets, and medical devices for surgery and hospital use.

Bruce has a BS degree in Computer Information Systems from Central Missouri State University and completed a Graduate E-Commerce Certificate Program at the University of Denver.

Peter Gallanis

Peter is responsible for Aha!’s overall technical strategy, architecture, vision and design for the Aha! Platform, driving technology innovation into practical and robust solutions.

Peter has more than 35 years of information systems experience including research, application programming, systems programming, database administration, and design and implementation of enterprise infrastructure projects. Peter is a leader in architecture, risk assessment and mitigation, application performance design, and production management with expertise spanning a wide range of systems, from mainframe IBM to massive parallel processing UNIX-based environments.

Before co-founding Aha!, Peter performed management roles and was a key engineer for strategic architecture and research at Galileo International. He has also held leadership positions at Intel and a startup that worked with Philips, Apple, Grolier Encyclopedia, and Knowledge-Set to produce an Apple II co-processor card that ran the first CD-ROM-based application on Apple II hardware.

Craig Murphy, PhD
Chief Data Scientist

Craig provides guidance in analytics product development and client delivery. He has extensive leadership experience and depth in technology and analytics, including development and management of large, high-performance, mission-critical transaction processing systems, development of enterprise architectures, and management of complex environments through analytics.

Previously, Craig served as SVP and CTO at Sabre and was VP of all corporate technology for Galileo International. His accomplishments include world-class analytics development in electronic fares processing optimization algorithms and revenue management research. His first-hand experience in developing these engines and associated high-volume management analytics has been instrumental in developing Aha!’s Platform and contributes to Aha!’s SaaS focus and large-system data mining and real time model usage innovations.

Craig holds a BSME degree from the University of Texas and a PhD degree in Economics and Operations Research Mathematics from the Colorado School of Mines.

Cathy Cupp
General Counsel

Cathy serves as General Counsel for Aha! and has been responsible for the legal matters of the company, including all contracts, since its inception. Before joining Aha!, Cathy was the Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Galileo International and a participating partner at the Chicago law firm Chapman and Cutler. While at Galileo, Cathy was a founding member and board member of ITAC, the International Trade Association of CRSs (computer reservation systems).

Cathy holds a BA degree from Purdue University and a JD degree from the Valparaiso University School of Law.

Leslie Vossmer
Director of Finance

Leslie is an operational manager responsible for purchasing, contract administration as well as performing accounting and financial aspects of Aha! operations. In addition, Leslie is a subject matter expert for Aha! financial analytics modeling.

Prior to joining Aha!, Leslie ran a tax and accounting practice for small businesses, was Financial Controller of Network Operations for Galileo International and Finance Manager for Citicorp Diners Club.

Leslie graduated from the University of Colorado with a BS degree in Business Administration and an MS degree in Accounting.


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